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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Top Libraries to go to in NYC

Are you looking for a quiet place to study? 

Maybe a fun place to catch up on some reading? 

Are you just tired of all the strangers yelling on the streets and need a place that is guaranteed to be silent? 

Then look no further than the libraries in NYC. 

These little gems are quiet places of solace in the midst of all the rowdiness of New York. So, I have compiled a little list of libraries for you to visit ASAP. 

1. New York Public Library - Bryant Park. 

Oh, if only I had a photo of the reading room in this library. It is a true sanctuary of knowledge and learning. It is also a silent space, as in no talking is allowed, so you're sure to get plenty of work done... that is if you can stop staring at the pure beauty of the room. 

2. New York Public Library - West Village

This quirky library is full of nooks and crannies for you to curl up in and study. Not to mention the fact that IT IS IN A CASTLE. Who doesn't want to feel like royalty when studying for that big microeconomics exam?

3. McNally Jackson Books

Okay, so this place isn't exactly a full on library, but it is the next best thing - a bookstore AND a cafe. The cool thing about this place is that there are books hanging from the ceiling (!!!!). Is there any better way to be inspired to study than by being surrounded by flying books? I don't think so. Or at least I yet to find a better way. 

That concludes my list of great libraries or library-like place in New York, although there are more out there to be discovered! Please, get your library card and go to these places. Enjoy the silence that comes with them. 

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