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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Central Park

If we're being honest here, and we are, when I moved to New York a couple of years ago Central Park was not one of the things I was very excited about. Parks and grass and nature in general has never really been "my thing", which is why I though Manhattan and I would just fit each other perfectly. And we do... for the most part.

What I didn't account for when I moved here, however, was my need for fresh air and peaceful places. Central Park, I quickly found, offered me just that.

There is nothing quite as magical as Central Park right after is has snowed. The snow-lined pathway leading to the Fountain of Bethesda looks like a scene straight out of a movie. 

Central Park has been there for many outings with friends the day after a blizzard. It is home to the place I first sled down a pile of snow and my first snowball fight. 

 It boasts beautiful scenery and quiet fields which are perfect for siting a contemplating the complexities of life. It provides benches for people watching or reading a book. It also has several attractions such as the Swedish Cottages, which is like something out of a fairy tale. 

This park is by far one of my favorite places to frequent when I need a good place to clear my head. It is especially whimsical, in my opinion, during the Fall and Winter. 

So go layer up and calm down in the beautiful Central Park. 

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